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About Us


Growing up, Maria loved playing soccer, being outdoors, baking, babysitting, and playing school with her siblings (her being the teacher, of course!).

David played basketball, football, track, tennis, and swimming in school. He enjoyed an adventurous life hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, boating, exploring, and working outdoors with his father and older brother! 

Maria is a teacher by trade yet is currently staying at home to care for their sons, Isaac and Eli. Being a stay-at-home mom has been one of the greatest gifts as she and the boys get to spend the entire day together.


David is an engineer who designs baby diaper machines. He recently has moved to the business side of his company which has given him great opportunities and advancements!

Our love has blossomed from the seed of a blind date set up by our friends. Neither of us was too excited about going, but that night became the beginning of a story that changed our lives forever.


The strength of our relationship is rooted in God and family. We are both incredibly close to our families, and even on our first date talked late into the night about our desire to someday have one of our own.


Maria is the oldest of three siblings with a brother and sister. David is the second of four siblings with an older brother and two younger sisters.


We were both extraordinarily blessed growing up with brothers and sisters who became our best friends, and together more than 60 cousins to share summers and holidays with. It has long been a dream to provide our own children with the same happy, loving childhood; even before we said it out loud to each other. We treasure spending time with our five nephews and two nieces. 



Why Adoption?

We have always wanted to be parents. We started trying for a child our first month of marriage and since then, our desire has grown even stronger. After years of infertility struggles, we started praying and thinking about becoming parents through adoption.
We adopted Isaac and Eli from birth and have an open relationship with both of the boys' parents where we communicate how the birth parents desire.
We are so excited to love another child into our family and give them our efforts, sacrifices, and joy!  
We are open to contact with a birth parent if you so wish such as letters, photos, etc. 

Our home, neighborhood, and city...


Our Home


We live in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of a small town about an hour north of Milwaukee. There are children of all ages who live in our neighborhood and frequent the nearby park. The area is quaint, teeming with charm and a sense of community. The old mill pond on the river that meanders through the city transforms into an ice skating rink each winter for people to enjoy. Bike paths, beautiful sunsets, parades, and picnics provide an ideal environment for families to enjoy quality time together. 

We enjoy living in our four bedroom home, spending time entertaining our friends and family. Common activities include: talking in the great room, eating summer meals outside on the deck, and playing games in the yard. Our gardens are filled with flowers of every color, and vegetables grow in our south side gardens. In the future we hope to teach our children how to grow vegetables in their own section of the garden!

Our love for Christmas...